Pippin- The Adorable Miniature Horse

Thanks to Pringle Poirot we can enjoy this beautiful video and share it with you at the same time. Watch how that mini-horse with his sweet nature succeeds to gather around him horses much bigger then him. That miniature stallion is so cute and his sweetness causes so much love, ...

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Amazing Horse Riding On The Beach

This is a perfect video for all of us who need some time to just sit and relax from the outside world. The video below is a perfect set of the most beautiful beach scenes from the movie “The Black Stallion”, arranged with an Irish song. So, just sit back ...

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5 Best Budweiser Commercials EVER Made!

Budweiser is known for its funny, often, tear-jerking commercials, and we think these are the best the beer company has ever made. 5. Frogs Croaking “Bud” “Weis” “Er”   4. A Clydesdale’s Love   3. Friends Are Waiting   2. We’ll Never Forget 9/11   1. Puppy-Horse Love

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A Cruel And Deadly Rodeo In Cheyenne

The Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo has always been one of the most violent and cruel rodeos in the world. With events such as the “wild horse race” and “steer busting,” animals have always been at risk. Some have been injured and some have been killed. This video documents the brutal ...

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