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Do It Yourself Training Series!

A lot of publicity has been around adopting BLM Mustangs and with competitions like Mustang Millions a big interest has been developed about Mustangs and their capabilities. So, now we are going to help you by creating free videos, which will show you every side of the training process when you are doing it by yourself at home!

Prepare yourself for the bad and for the good. We will try to manage a lot of issues that you try to solve while training your horse at home and we will also interact with the readers. So, you’ll have a chance to ask many questions.

For start, we will present you a video with a horse who hasn’t been sadle trained yet. You can see the whole process from the very begging until the end. we would like you to tell us what is it that you want to see, a Mustang, Thoroughbred rescue or what else?!

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