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Obvious Horse Abuse Case

Peter Bulthuis who is a dutch show jumper dealer, was fined 2000 Swiss francs because of horse abuse. The owners of the stallion VF Corrado, Maria Saracino and her daughter, claimed that violent and brutal treatment was conducted over their horse while he was at Bulthuis’s yard.

They organised a protest and they even tryied to join former Olympian Piet Raijmakers Snr in it, but as the tribunal said, Raijmakers is retired and because of that he can’t be treated as a subject in Fei’s jurisdiction.

In 2015 the owners sent their horse Corrado from Italy to Raijmakers for a training and after a while they’ve decided to sell him, because he made a progress. As they said, Raijmakers without asking moved Corrado to Bulthuis’s yard. According to Raijmakers, that transfer was the owner’s idea.

When they got back their horse to Italy they saw a 30 cm belly wound on him, and as they could conclude he was repeatedly hit by a dressage whip.

Bulthuis claimed that the wound was result of the horse’s behavior and that it was unfortunate accident. As he said, Corrado leapt upon a pony and it took them 3 minutes to beat him of the little horse and an hour to catch him.

But the Fei veterinary department asked to see some evidence of injury to the pony and not any evidence of that was offered. That’s when they defined this case as a case of abuse.

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