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Complaining About Westren Pleasure Discipline

What is a Western Pleasure discipline? One thing is for sure, this discipline is definitely under many analysis, because people have called the horses, their riders and this discipline many vicious words, complaining that the horses heads are too low, that their movements are not natural and that they are slow.

They even get more detailed and cruel, but we better not get into that and let’s just watch the video below, which is a Western Pleasure Class from the 2015 AQHA World Show.

Western Pleasure it’s not just some irregular discipline. Horses get well trained-in just to perform this discipline, same as they are trained to do dressage, barrel race, pulls and jumps. So,with those who love this discipline we must share our solution for the problem, while some people are trying to pull down the Western Pleasure.

The video below was filmed at the 2016 Arabian US Open Horse Show in Central Park and the horses are collected, balanced and forward. They have their polls higher that the quarter horses. So it might be the right moment to switch on showing Arabians, if you want to show Western Pleasure, but the AQHA style it’s not your loving one.


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