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Lovely Irish Breeds

Ireland has six native horse breeds and a very rich horse history, If you ever have a chance to visit Ireland, but you are also a horse lover, we advice you to take a ride through the Irish National Forest, which according to us, is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Here are some amazing facts about the Irish horses.

CONNEMARA PONY. It comes from the gorgeous West Coast of Ireland. That place is rugged an wildly amazing. What are the characteristics of this incredible breed? Strength, sure-footedness and stamina. And if you are familiar with the land from which they come from, you will be aware that those 3 things are all they need in order to survive. The farmers prefer to have a mare pony, so that they could sell the offspring. This pony could do any job ( from carrying a rider to pulling a cart) and since 1929, they’ve become an official breed in the Connemara Pony Stud Book.

Image source:  Satu Pitkänen - wikimedia

IRISH DRAUGHT. The name implies a large draft breed, but it’s not like that. They can be used in every segment of the farm because of their look-  athletic and fairly fine boned! This breed is developed from the Irish Hobby horse and as that, they are a national horse breed of Ireland.

Image source: Losmurfs - English Wikipedia

GYPSY VANNER. It’s the most popular Irish breed, known by many names- Gypsy Cob, Irish Cob, Tinker Horse or simply, Gypsy. This kind of horse is very similar with the drum Horse and has a very colorful history. Gypsies from Ireland and UK wanted to have the perfectly decorated caravan horse, all covered with ornaments, feathers and cheerful colors. They are the reason that we can enjoy with this beautiful breed nowadays.

Image source: Karakal - wikimedia

KERRY BOG PONY. This versatile breed arised from the mountains in Southwestern Ireland, in a country named Kerry. Used to be a feral horse, but later they were used for hauling peat out of the bogs. They are popular for their gentle deposition.

Image source:  Heather Moreton - wikimedia

IRISH SPORT HORSE. This breed is a result of crossed breeding between an Irish Draught and another breed- Thoroughbred or European Warmblood. So, the results are incredible as you can see from the pictures, this horse is athletic and fast, with great sensibility. He goes on a competitions, it’s been used for transporting and for working on the land.

Image source: Culnacreann - wikimedia 

IRISH HOBBY HORSE. Unfortunately, this breed is extinct. But, horse lovers believe that this breed is one of the ancestors for the Kerry Bog, Connemara Pony and the Irish Draught. Those who have more knowledge when it comes to horses, will find this breed very familiar with Garrano and Sorraia horses, from Northern Spain and Portugal.

A Kerry Bog Pony that some say is the same as an Irish Hobby. Image Source:  Jim Linwood - wikimedia

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