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Hundred Horses Rescued And Running Free

In the beautiful grassy fields in Oakland, Oregon, there is a 1120 acre facility, known as The Duchess Sanctuary. It’s located outdoors and established by real horse lovers in the year 2008. The goal is to provide safe facility for over a hundred of horses who need someone to take care of them and give them the proper treatment. Most of the horses are neglected, homeless, abused or abandoned and thanks to those people now they are rescued. They are all now well fed, happy and live the life that they deserve.

Everyone who have visited this sanctuary really enjoyed in the happiness of those horses, while they run around healthy. Most of us will ask themselve how can someone buy a animal and after a while neglect him?! Because of someone’s stupidity and negligence this animals suffered  “big time”. So, now they have been given another chance to live in love.

After they’ve been forgotten from their owners, they are now enjoying in their second chance for happiness, because they are meant to roam free in natural environment.

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