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Even Losing His Eyes Doesn’t Stop This Horse From Doing What He Loves

Morgan Wagner from Corvallis, Oregon, did something that most of us would not. Before reading the following story, ask yourself, what would you do, if your horse suddenly starts to lose his sight and after a while goes blind in a period when he is having his best results on the trail?! This incredible story is about a 15 year old Appaloosa gelding, named Endo. Life was not so much on his side, because at young age he was diagnosed with glaucoma, cataracts and uveitis- “moon blindness”.

As Wagner said, at first she was ruined by the fact that Endo won’t be able to see anymore, she loved that horse so much. But after she got used to that fact, she did all that he could for Endo. She wanted to see him happy and relieved from any pain. Endo had a really hard time because of the pain, he couldn’t eat and the medicine caused sickness.

When he was 12 years old, one of his eyes was removed and after six months, he lost his other eye. Sadly, that had to be done, the vet tryied to control the illness for so many years, but this procedure could not be avoid. It was Wagner’s wish to make her horse feel comfortable, without feeling any pain and at least to be able to do basic things.

Surprisingly to everyone, Endo did more then they expected. He got back on the trail, competing and gaining a great results. Morgan is very thankful and consideres that for a blessing. It was a big chalenge for her to work with a blind horse, mostly they had a problem with the balance. When Endo had his eyes, although he was blind, he could recognize dark from light. You can watch the video below and see Endo’s great work.

His connection with Morgan is priceless, they compete together and also did a show in Canada. It’s amazing! In his free time Endo is enjoying around the farm. Wagner wishes only the best for him and wants to offer him a lot more experience that would make him happy.

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